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Issues identified and worked on during the developer gathering

Here are the notes from the whiteboard during the developer gathering,
to make sure we do not forget what was written there.

** Gosa - lacking netgroup support
        - updating DNS / DHCP is not creating LDAP objects powerdns understand
** debian-ed-artwork got RC bug / conflict with desktop-base (fixed)
** unwanted dictionary question for some langauges (improved for german)
 * isohybrid - CD build should run run isohybrid (fixed by Ronny)
             - debian-installer should handle USB sticks as CDs (still problems)
 * KDE - locked machines can not be unlocked usign ctrl-alt-backspace
       - logging into KDE fill 150 MB in each users home directory
 * Documentation FIXMEs
(*) XRDP

** is highest priority, * is lower priority and (*) is lowest

Most of friday and saturday was spent trying to get DNS and DHCP
operational again with the gosa-service.ldif Andreas enabled a few
weeks ago.

Please provide updates on these issues if you got any

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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