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Bug#604088: French translation of Squeeze user manual

tags 604088 + pending

Hi Oliver,

On Samstag, 20. November 2010, Olivier Vitrat wrote:
> Please find attached the (almost complete) french translation of the
> Debian-Edu Squeeze manual.

wow, great! Merci bien!

> I've updated it with all the strings I've found in the proofread Lenny
> version I've sent earlier this week.
> The untranslated strings are the new ones for Squeeze.

I only see 22 untranslated strings?! (I hope you havent marked some 
accidentily as translated...)

Also please note that I had to fix your lenny .po file, see 
for the fix I had to apply. *Never* change the docbook syntax in the 
translated strings :-)

When continueing to translate, please always update to the latest version in 
svn trunk before continueing.


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