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Rgbpaint and translations

Hello there,

I am working on the ITP of the painting programme Rgbpaint
since a week or two. Probably the fifth or sixth generation
is running and building smoothly on my machines now, so the
executable and packaging is already well examined. It really
needs substantially more attention and correction than the
existing Ubuntu package seemingly did get. Therefore it is
a futile task to build on their preparations.

Sadly to say, the original manual page is truly inferior,
(like with Mtpaint, already present in Debian custody)
containing less information than even the usage printout
itself contains. Due to this fact I have written new
documentation from the bottom and up, and I did this
using Docbook. At the moment I produce a manual page
and XHTML page for English and Swedish. An MO-file was
lacking for Swedish, so I had to include such a trans-
lation also. Swedish is the only MO-file being up to date!.

Now, since it is my intention that this painting programme
be useful also to younger people, which means writing an
extensive documentation, I am very keen on getting the
Gettext content of the executable and the Docbook source
localized to whatever is desired by Debian Edu.

At the moment a single language needs some 600 lines of text
in the Docbook source, so it not a trivial matter, rather it
needs some stamina to adapt the text to a further language.

Of course also the master copy will need polishing by a native
Englishman, but the general form has more or less settled
by now.

So here is my cry: Help me get in touch with enthusiasts that
can help in providing further languages.

Best regards

Mats Erik Andersson, pending DM

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