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Bug#603870: French translation of Lenny user manual

tags 603870 + pending

Hi Oliver,

On Donnerstag, 18. November 2010, Olivier Vitrat wrote:
> Package: debian-edu-doc
> Please find attached the french translation of the Debian-Edu Lenny manual.

Whooo! I *love* it when I receive a full translation in the BTS! You've made 
my day! :-)

> Can you please merge this into the squeeze version of the manual too, as a
> lot of strings are similar to the ones in the lenny doc ?


debian-edu-squeeze-manual.fr.po: 399 translated messages, 338 fuzzy 
translations, 359 untranslated messages. Enjoy! ;-)

I'll also commit this to the lenny branch and upload a new debian-edu-doc 
package to lenny-test today.


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