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further analysis + plan (1-day NMU of autofs5 today)

found 602765 5.0.3-3
tags 602765 + patch


so this bug (602765) is also present in+since lenny, etch had no autofs5-ldap 
package. And, to repeat myself: the autofs-ldap package ships this configfile 
with the same path since etch... 

In sid, there are currently 80 schema files deployed in /etc/ldap/schema/ and 
non in /etc/ldap/ except this one. 

So I'll go ahead with my NMU now, but I'll make it 1-day. Tomorrow I'll then 
upload a fixed (602084) debian-edu-config package.

The fix is simply to fix the path in debian/autofs5-ldap.install 


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