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Bug#602863: manage dhcp+dns with gosa

package: debian-edu-config
severity: important
version: 1.444
found: 1.442
x-debbugs-cc: pollmeier@gonicus.de 


we (debian-edu-config) need a user-friendly way to edit dns+dhcp. (And we 
needed a bug to track the issue. Here comes the bug.) 

<pere> getting the gosa dns plugin to work with powerdns in strict mode is a 
simple change, adding one extra attribute to the ldap objects, so I believe 
we should go that way.
<h01ger> pere, this one extra attribute to the ldap object, which package is 
that that needs modificatio?
<pere> h01ger: no idea.  I just looked at the ldap objects provided as pastes 
by and1bm .
<pere> it is adding domainname: foo.intern or something like that.


<and1bm> I do not have the time to work on the pdns issue (and I am not sure 
if it's that easy).

<pere> #info associatedDomain is the ldap attribute needed.

So for this we just need to modify a schema? A copy in debia-edu-config or 
rather the original in gosa?


P.S.: filing it only as important, as the task itself is doable with ldapvi or 
luma - that just lacks documentation.

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