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Re: dvd space issues

On 7 November 2010 17:53, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
> [Nigel Barker]
>> Obviously I can contribute this list into a wiki if that seems to be
>> a useful thing to do. We are a pre-K-12 school by the way, which
>> means ages 3 to 18.
> At least I find such measure points very useful, and would love to
> hear from more schools what kind of applications they are using.  I
> suggest you add your report to wiki.debian.org and would love it if
> you could take responsibility for trying to get information from other
> schools as well. :)

Personally, I think you need to concentrate on the schools you
mentioned who have to install without Internet.
For the rest of us, no matter how good you think the DVD is, there
will always be things that schools will install by themselves.
For me its much more important to have a properly working system than
it is to have a lot of apps. So multiple kernels and multiple GUI is
good.. Same with extra firmware, and anything else more technical than
simply aptitude installing.
However, I'll look at making a wiki page later. (As for other schools,
however,  I don't know any, unless they read this list)

> I wonder about the tuxpaint-stamps package, but have not investigated
> why it is included.  Throwing out kicad bwill gain us 31 MB, when that

Tuxpaint stamps is great. If you need tuxpaint, you almost certainly
want the stamps also.


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