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Re: dvd space issues

On 4 November 2010 00:29, Jürgen Leibner <juergen@leibner.eu> wrote:

> I'm not a teacher and I don't know really what package fits better than
> the other. If I had to choose, I can take time and take a look at he
> packages 'in action', ask others, investigate in the www or throw a
> coin to decide.

I just spent half an hour going through the KDE menu and noting which
apps we use here. Then I shuffled them into three groups - those we
use almost daily, those we use regularly, and those we use once about
once a year (for a certain topic). Note that some of these don't come
with Skolelinux - I install them myself.
Obviously there are system programs that we can't do without. I
haven't included them.

Even though I teach IB higher level Chemistry (good university
entrance standard), the only chemistry app I use is kalzium.
Similarly, I noticed the maths teacher using an online java geometry
tool this week. This is because teachers (except me) and most kids
don't have linux at home. So when they are preparing lessons or doing
homework, an online or cross-platform tool is preferable.

Anything I haven't listed means that nobody uses it here. That doesn't
mean its no good, however. It just means we don't know how it works,
or haven't found a use for it.

Obviously I can contribute this list into a wiki if that seems to be a
useful thing to do. We are a pre-K-12 school by the way, which means
ages 3 to 18.


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