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Re: should we really avoid the 686 kernel image?

[Vagrant Cascadian]
> this isn't exactly true... we have to have a -486 kernel to get LTSP
> working with the *defaults*. debian-edu could easily configure LTSP
> to use a -686 kernel; it would be merely one more divergence from
> the LTSP defaults.

Right.  Good point.  I gave this a try, adding a LTSP override in
d-e-config and changed the avoid entry debian-edu/tasks/common from
686 to 486.

I look forward to see if it work.  Should show up on the DVD in a few
minutes.  If it does not, hopefully we can find the cause and fix it.
If not, it is easy to undo.

I also changed blender and wxmaxima from depends and recommends to
esuggests in the tasks, to save some space on the DVD.  This made
enough room for the Gnome dependencies, but we are still lacking the
LXDE and the language specific packages, and probably some others as

I also suggest to change kicad to suggest to not install it by
default, to avoid pulling in extra-xdg-menus and avoid the Hamradio
and Electronics toplevel KDE menus and get the KDE menus to try to fit
the KDE menu list in the default size of the K menu window.  The
change is commited in svn but not yet uploaded.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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