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Bug#579290: which initscript / still useful to fix?

tags 579290 + unreproducable moreinfo

Hi Petter :-)

I've been reading the 6 init scripts the debian-edu-config package is shipping 
(debian-edu-config.enable-nat debian-edu-config.fetch-ldap-cert 
debian-edu-config.open-backdoor debian-edu-config.report-reboot 
debian-edu-config.start-wlan debian-edu-config.update-hostname) and could not 
identify output send by echo directly by a default install, only the 
open-backdoor and report-reboot scripts have such outputs. 

Did you mean those two scripts? The others only use echo to explain their 
usage. And personally I think both these scripts shouldnt be used - and 
usplash has been removed also, so maybe just close this bug?


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