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Re: apt-get upgrade 32-bit workstation to 64-bit?

Sorry for the noise, I found


and this page tells us very explicitly what a bad idea this was.


Am Samstag, 6. November 2010 schrieben Sie:
> Dear list,
> on a brand new 64-bit machine, I started with a Debian Edu Lenny workstation
> image (no LVM of course), that contains some manual tweaks like java installations.
> Hence, and because the install deadline is straight ahead, I dare not
> start from scratch with a 64-bit installation. But I consider an apt-get upgrade
> to 64 bit, if this is possible. 
> To do so, I had to change the arch settings, somewhere?
> Our CPU is some Athlon X2 64bit with 3.2 GB RAM. Is it worth to upgrade
> at least the kernel to 64 bit or even the whole system?
> Thanks for any enlightment,
> regards
> Ralf

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