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debian-edu manual for squeeze started


during the last two days I've prepared the manual for Debian Edu Squeeze, 
which preliminary skeleton is now available at 

I wrote "preliminary skeleton" because it's largely based on the lenny 
version, I've mostly done a replacement of the strings lLenny with sSqueeze, 
updated some information and added some more FIXMEs for which you you can 
search if you want to help out making it a really useful and up2date manual 

Your help is very much appreciated and needed! The best help is going through 
those FIXMEs in the wiki and replace those by proper information. Documenting 
changes from Lenny is also much needed. And taking screenshots from an 
squeeze installation. And describing gosa...

What's also needed, is help with the translations. The current stats are:

debian-edu-squeeze-manual.de.po: 976 translated, 67 fuzzy, 22 untranslated.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.es.po: 220 translated, 219 fuzzy, 626 untranslated.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.fr.po: 406 translated, 318 fuzzy, 341 untranslated.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.it.po: 976 translated, 67 fuzzy, 22 untranslated.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.nb.po: 845 translated, 180 fuzzy, 40 untranslated.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.zh.po: 60 translated, 55 fuzzy, 950 untranslated.

Which ain't to bad IMO, rather real good, kudos & thanks to those who did 
them! And esp. considering it's a new document ;-) 
If you want to help here, please read 

And if you're the french team (hi!) and have a bunch of uncommited 
translations for lenny, don't worry, just send them to me, and I'll merge 
them into lenny _and_ squeeze.

Right, the lenny manual... it will contain to be maintained but I would 
suggest to refrain from greater changes and rather focus on the squeeze 
version. But if you want to improve something, please by all means go ahead! 

In future uploads to lenny-test will contain the etch and lenny manuals and 
uploads to sid and squeeze-test will contain the lenny and squeeze manuals.

Let's write a fine manual!


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