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Re: Is LWAT completely broken in Squeeze?

[Finn-Arne Johansen]
> To answer the original question:
>  Is LWAT completetly broken in Squeeze?
> The answer is no.
> There has been changes in the setup in debian-edu, which calls for
> (slightly) different config-file for lwat, and for new templates.

Actually, for Debian Edu, the answer is yes, and it has been like that
for a long time.  

The problem reported in <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/578345> had been
present for for months before I decided to report the bug in April.

> I think these changes was introduced May, after that we've had a
> rather busy period. But I hope we are not the only people in the
> project that understands ldap ?

The bugs in lwat has been in debian for years.  The last non-NMU
upload was 2008-03-17, and version 0.18~beta-3 was never released from
upstream and only in the Debian Edu Lenny repository.

So to me lwat seem to have been neglected in Debian for more than two
years.  See for yourself on <URL: http://packages.qa.debian.org/l/lwat.html >.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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