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Where is the DVD space spent...

To get some idea where the DVD space is spent these days, I ran this
oneliner on the build host.

  (cd /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/builder_temp_dir/squeeze-test-dvd/squeeze/CD1/pool ; du -m |sort -nr)|grep -v "./main/.$"|head -30

This is the current output, showing which source packages uses most
space on the DVD:

4432    .
4368    ./main
393     ./main/o/openoffice.org
206     ./main/o/openclipart
177     ./main/k/kde-l10n
114     ./main/f/fluid-soundfont
93      ./main/k/kdebase-workspace
89      ./main/l/linux-2.6
77      ./main/o/openjdk-6
72      ./main/k/kdeedu
63      ./main/g/gcompris
62      ./non-free
56      ./non-free/f
56      ./main/f/fpc
55      ./main/d/debian-edu-doc
52      ./non-free/f/fglrx-driver
52      ./main/n/norwegian
51      ./main/q/qt4-x11
50      ./main/s/samba
50      ./main/i/inkscape
47      ./main/k/kdeartwork
45      ./main/t/tuxpaint-stamps
38      ./main/s/stellarium
36      ./main/g/gimp-help
35      ./main/libg
34      ./main/s/scribus-ng
34      ./main/k/kde4libs
34      ./main/e/evolution
32      ./main/k/kicad
31      ./main/c/celestia

Using this method I discovered that the linux kernel and valgrind used
a lot of space, and I have managed to reduce the amount spent on these
packages by dropping some kernel architectures and dropping valgrind

Do we want evolution and kicad in the default installation? :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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