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Re: How should we evaluate user applications?

>Did I forget some languages?
Please include packages for language "Brazilian Portuguese" (pt_br).
Sérgio Saraiva

2010/7/28 Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>

Us developers seem to have slightly different view of what kind of
user applications we should install by default in Debian Edu, and this
make me suspect we should formulate some guidelines and put in the
release manual to explain what kind we try to provide in the default
installation.  Here is a first draft.

 * The target group for Debian Edu user applications are pupils and
  their teachers for the age group 7-16 years old.

 * The applications should be translated to the native language of the

 * For a given task / area, we try to provide the best available tool,
  and only one tool.  This allow teachers to save the time needed to
  evaluate several alternatives, as we already have done this.

 * We prefer GUI applications.

A list of "important" language should be maintained to have some
measuring stick when checking if the application is translated to the
native languages we care about.  I believe it should include the
langauges were Debian Edu have users currently, and the languages our
developers care about.  I believe that is Norwegian Bokmål (nb) and
Nynorsk (nn), German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it),
Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) and Japanese (ja) at the moment.  Did I
forget some languages?

Is there other things that would be included in the application
selection guidelines?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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