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Bug#585064: DHCP transition: Bug #585063 in fai

Hi Mehdi,

On Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
> Do you intend to fix #585063 soon or do you need a patch?
> That would help me to get the DHCP transition done (almost) which also
> help d-i to get in Squeeze sooner.
> There is also #585064 still unfixed (debian-edu-config). The same
> question applies (Holger?).

We intend to fix it, a patch would probably speed things up.

> Recently, Kurt uploaded a fix for ntp. You might have a look at it to
> get a quick idea on what's needed to be fixed. There are basically two
> methods:
> 1) a conservative method: Just symlink the two files and you're done
> 2) a full transition: move the config files using
>    dpkg-maintscript-helper, update paths (e.g. in Makefile, debian/rules,
>    .install files, etc), depend on new dhcp packages.

Ok, thanks, that might be useful ;-)

	Holger, currently being too busy pre-debconf10 to do the work

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