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Bug#585712: depends on lsof, which is not available on kfreebsd-*

[Holger Levsen]
> As I wrote, kreebsd-* is a release architecture. (So it's actually
> debatable whether this bug is important or serious...)

I do not get your argument, no.  Failing to build or work on kfreebsd
might be an important bug, but that would be a bug for lsof, not
debian-edu-config, unless you are saying that the set of package
depending in something missing on kfreebsd should have a important bug
reported against them.  Why should this bug not be reassigned to lsof
asking for a port of lsof to kfreebsd?  (alsa-base tiger tct rkhunter
piuparts openafs-client netatalk libpam-mount libexplain9
libexplain9-dbg libexplain-dev explain ltspfsd-core lsat
hobbit-plugins debian-goodies debian-edu-config dancer-services ctdb
alsa-base) is the list of packages with a relationship with lsof (from
'apt-cache showpkg lsof' in unstable).  Should all of these have
important bugs reported against them in addition to a bug registered
against lsof?

So, in short, I believe failing to build on a release architecture
deserve a important bug, if it have never built on that architecture
before.  Depending on a package failing to build on a release
architecture do not deserve such bug.

> How do those scripts behave if lsof is not available?

I suspect they fail, but have not tested.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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