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How to enable nagios?

i installed tjener and an debian-edu-workstation. sitesummary and munin works proper. Nagios shows 'gateway' and 'tjener' under "Hosts details", but i can't find my workstation. Do i've to enable something? Or do i've to wait longer (> 1 h)?

I can't find anything about static02 (debian-edu-Workstation) in the /var/lib/sitesummarynagios-generated.cfg, but i ran sitesummary-client on the workstation and /etc/cron.daily/sitesummary on tjener.

I've an pure Debian Lenny with installed munin, sitesummaey-client, nagios-nrpe-server. This client is recognized by munin and sitesummary, but i can't also find him in nagios.

Thanks, Martin

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