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¿LTSP and file server sharing Sugar?

Dear people!
Today the director of the school of my daughter begged me to install an LTSP and file server with a full functional Sugar environment capable of sharing Sugar for diskless terminals and if possible the terminals sharing activities asap.
The server is not very fat but will be feed with ram, terminals are 8 to 10 very old pc´s, some of them P1 32 mb ram. The terminals should complement the lack of xo laptops with Sugar for cases in which children broke theirs and there are a lot of them broken. If I have success the experience will be forwarded for a lot of schools but for myself will not earn anything. In the Sugar irc channel I asked about using soas installed on pc or Debian Edu (I like Debian because it´s light but have no experience with Debian-Edu) or other Edu-distros and they sent me to you.
If Sugar is installed as default desktop (I don´t think it´s possible) the network will have no more than ten terminals, this would be an emergency network.
If Sugar is emulated  (most possibly) and there is another default desktop I want Sugar working with all 10 pc terminals in case of working with Sugar and in case of working with the other environment the network should include up to 15 xo´s  as terminals (less than 25 terminals). This would be a more elegant and more useful network.
I would prefere the second option from the beginning.
The lenguage must be spanish.
The xo´s terminals I have to work with are xo-1 with Sugar and the root password is and will be unknown by me for security reasons, in fact it is a secret of state here in my country Uruguay, so there are a lot of programms not present by default which I can´t install. For example NFS support is possibly not installed, ftp is not installed.  Samba is not present.
A few days ago I managed to setup a network at home with Winxp as ftp and rdesktop server and tree terminals, one an xo-1 with Sugar an two diskless pc´s with DSL or Puppi Linux live cd´s. They worked all very well, I could even download files with ftp from the browser. That´s my experience and there is no other for doing this job.
My questions are: ¿Is Sugar fully functional in Debian-Edu (Lenny)? ¿Can Sugar be run for 10 diskless terminals? ¿Can activities be shared?
¿Where can I find guides for setting up the server? ¿Which live-cd and floppy distros do you suggest for booting in the diskless terminals?
¿Which packages do you recommend for a school with children from 6 to 12 years old (¿ground school?)?
¿What else do you recommend for making a nice educational network?
Thank you very much.

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