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Visiting Nurses & RN's - 91,386 total records with 2,788 emails and 2,390 fax numbers

We have many package deals on sale this week, here is one:

Veterinarians - 78,986 total records with 1,438  emails and 1,050  fax numbers
National Health Service Corp Clinics - 1,300 total records with emails for government run free clinics
Medical Equipment Suppliers - 167,425 total records with 6,940 emails and 5,812 fax numbers
Optometrists - 63,837 records 2,015 emails

All complete lists above: $299

There are more packages and not just for healthcare contact me here for more info or to get samples: Norman.Goss@realizepotential.co.cc


Forward email to disappear@realizepotential.co.cc to purge you from our records

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