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gosa and debian-edu/skolelinux

Hi Benoit, hi all,

On Sat, May 08, 2010 at 11:22:22AM +0200, Benoit Mortier wrote:
> Le Friday 07 May 2010 22:13:18 Cajus Pollmeier, vous avez écrit :
> > Am 07.05.10 16:30, schrieb Andreas B. Mundt:
> > In combination with gosa-si, you can plan shutdown, wakeup, reinstall,
> > etc. tasks for your workstations and group of workstations.

I have seen gosa-si is not yet in debian, but there are activities to
change that: http://bugs.debian.org/534303

Is there news concerning that issue?
> we were discussing those day on irc to create an autofs plugin to use the 
> classical autofs.schema as there seem to be a demand for it.
> yes the biggest issue today is the documentation, there is an effort 
> currently going around it.
> i already arranged a meeting for the fusioninventory project at linuxtag
> http://fusioninventory.org/wordpress/
> and i put a doodle here, so you can register and we can have a big meeting 
> around GOsa² at linuxtag ;-) and i can show you we we do with it ..
> http://doodle.com/yd4ek8g8d9mrg8y7

Great, probably I will unfortunately not be at linuxtag, but I've seen
Holger might be there! 

Benoit, to test gosa some more, we need the package(s) in the debian
repository. I committed most (some polishing might be needed) that is
needed to use gosa in debian-edu-squeeze to debian-edu-config. As soon
as the gosa package is available in testing people can start to have a
closer look and test, criticize and flame or celebrate and give their 
ok to keep going on in that direction.

Can you give an estimate how long this may take? (We could start with
something in experimental too if that helps. Perhaps it makes sense to
have even non-perfect packages in the repositories anyway, to test
some more and fix remaining bugs in the meantime).

So far many thanks for all valuable input and work from many sides!

Best Regards,


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