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Re: Thoughts on roaming laptop setup for Debian Edu

[José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> mmm, I got /home0/username, not the server info. Maybe the home
> information is different in our ldap servers

With NFS, such setup would cause NFS hangs for a lot of processes
(anyone doing the equivalent of ls -l /), so we choose
/skole/host/home0/username for Debian Edu.

> http://desarrollo.educarex.es/linex/projects/linexcolegios2010/repository/show/zeroconf-services

Great.  I'm unable to reach the server now.  Not sure what is wrong.

> The application is thought to do more things from the servers to the
> clients: announce disk clonations, nfs shares, desktop icons and
> jclic libraries. Currently only nfs shares is implemented and used
> in production. Disk clonations is tested and works with lenny, but
> don't work in squeeze due to the new grub setup.

Sound very useful, and perhaps a better idea than our current autofs
based implementation.

> So for us, the benefits of being able to share the laptops are
> greater than the problems ssh access can cause in some case.

Right.  I've asked for pam_mkhomedir to get pam-auth-update
configuration in Squeeze (#485282), and home it will be available in
time.  If it is, setting up such configuration would consist of
installing a libpam-mkhomedir package. :)

> mmm, let me check it next week in a school. I don't remember how I
> did it, but I know it works :)

Thanks.  I am aware of two solutions for this, one using nscd and one using pam-updatedb.

> wicd works for us better than network-manager because:
> - the network connection is done before the user logins, wich is
> important if you use automount or just ldap netgroups
> - in Gnome, network manager is integrated with the gnome-keyring-manager
> deposit that's very complicated to be used by teachers. 
> - wicd has a very nice hooks system that allows us to do somethings
> before or after getting a connection (maybe network-manager also has
> something similar, I've never checked it)

Sound like wicd might be a good solution for roaming workstations.  It
should be possible to configure network-manager to configure network
before a user log in (ie at boot), but I have not been able to get it

In KDE, network-maanager is integrated with kwallet, and ask for
wallet access even for non-encrypted wireless networks. :)

> Sure, and it's very different doing some thing for anyone in the
> world, than doing it for an controlled environment. The latter is my
> case, so I can do some things that probably are not adecuate for a
> general case.

Yeah.  We have a framework in place, but no-one documented how to use
it and I doubt anyone is using our framework for distributed
cfengine. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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