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Re: On Thoughts on roaming laptop setup for Debian Edu

[Arthur de Jong]
> Hi Petter and list,


> I saw your blog post on "Thoughts on roaming laptop set-up for Debian
> Edu" [1] and thought I'd point out use of the nssov slapd overlay with
> caching for off-line operation [2].

Definitely interesting.  A third option has come up, which is to use
the sssd system (WNPP: #579593) from Fedora (also in Ubuntu).

Btw, when I have your attention on the topic.  If one is to use nslcd
in a roaming setup, what would be your recommondations for the
timeouts specified in nslcd.conf?  Will nslcd react properly when the
network is up but the ldap server do not respond any more because the
local machine changed IP address?  I suspect a good aproach would be
to stop nslcd when the network is down or the LDAP server is
unavailable, to make sure everything keep responding quickly when

Party related to the topic, do you know if there is some work in
progress to handle nsswitch.conf configuration in Debian?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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