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Re: ldap-database password

On Friday 16 April 2010 22:42:33 Martin Schulte wrote:
> Hello,
> i tried this
Try that first:
ldapsearch -x

If this dosen't work make sure sldapd is running.

> -------
>     ldapsearch -d8 -x -h <username> -W -D
> "cn=admin,ou=People,dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no -d8"
> -------
The ldaphost should be '-h ldap' but it is not required;
If you wish to authenticate you need '-xZ' options.
So try:
ldapsearch -xZWD 'cn=admin,ou=People,dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no'
Use the root password for binding as this user.
Set debug and other options to whatever you wish.

> and i called for an password. I tried the root password, this is the result
> -------
>     ldap_sasl_bind(SIMPLE): Can't contact LDAP server (-1)
> -------
> Is there an default password for the ldap database? If not, is it
> possible to change the ldap-password, somehow?
Yes, for each '-D binddn' it's the user's password and yes it may be changed.

I'd take the opportunity to recommend ldapvi, for how to connect using ldapvi 


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