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Bug#370348: base-files: please implement support to source /etc/profile.d/*.sh in /etc/profile

I notice this in /usr/share/doc/base-files/FAQ:

  Q. Why does Debian not have a "profile.d" directory, like other

  A. Because no Debian package needs it.

As can be seen in #370348, the debian-edu-config package would solve a
problem with our default setup if the /etc/profile.d/ feature was
implemented.  At the moment we edit /etc/profile and
/etc/skel/.bash_profile to comment out the 'umask 022' setting and
insert our own 'umask 002', but would very much like to avoid editing
files originating from other packages to get the same effect.  So at
least one package can be said to need it now. :)

Also, if I read 
<URL: http://refspecs.freestandards.org/LSB_3.1.1/LSB-Core-generic/LSB-Core-generic/etc.html > correctly,
support for /etc/profile.d/ is required for Debian to comply with the
LSB, which as far I as know is a project goal.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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