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Bug#571809: debian-edu-install: refers to etcinsvk which is scheduled for removal (and already uninstallable)

[Ansgar Burchardt]
> debian-edu-install refers to "etcinsvk" in several places.  This
> package is already uninstallable because "svk" was removed from
> Debian[1], and is scheduled for removal[2] itself.

I believe all references now go throught the edu-etcvcs script, make
it easier to change version control implementation.  Unless someone
volunteer to maintain svk and etcinsvk, etckeeper seem to be a good

Someone should investigate how to set up etckeeper non-interactively
out of the box, like etcinsvk was configured in Lenny.

The package etcinsvk was pulled in by debian-edu-config, which no
longer depend on etcinsvk and thus should make the installation stop
activating etcinsvk.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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