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Packages we want that were present in Lenny but are now missing in Squeeze

The debian-edu tasksel tasks is automatically generated based on the
packages available, and to get some idea of the packages going away
for Squeeze that were present in Lenny.  Here is the complete list of
49 packages at the moment.

  autofs-ldap d-i-bootimages db4.2-util dhcdbd digikamimageplugins geg
  gpsim-led gpsim-logic gwenview i2e iceweasel-gnome-support
  java-gcj-compat kaddressbook-plugins kde-i18n-se
  kdegraphics-kfile-plugins kdenetwork-kfile-plugins
  kdepim-kio-plugins kdict keduca kghostview klatin kooka kpercentage
  ksirc ksmserver ksokoban kturtle kverbos kvoctrain kwin
  mozilla-mplayer octaviz openoffice.org-help-el powerdevil
  sugar-journal-activity sugar-sharedstate-classes
  python-olpc-datastore quanta scribus-ng ssystem sugar sugar-artwork
  sugar-chat-activity sugar-pippy-activity sugar-presence-service
  sugar-sharingtest-activity sugar-web-activity synaptic
  wordtrans-data wordtrans-kde

These are the packages we try to install using our tasks.  I did
compare the list of installed packages for a
main-server+thin-client-server earlier, and it had ~150 packages gong
away, I believe.  It can provide some idea of the amount of packages
we need to look into.

I have not investigated all of the packages going away, but did check
out keduca and kooka, which have been dropped in KDE 4 without any
replacement.  For kooka perhaps we can provide xsane or quiteinsane,
but I do know if any of them are great scanner tools.  mozilla-mplayer
has been dropped, and I believe we should replace it with
gecko-mediaplayer.  autofs-ldap has been replaced by autofs5-ldap.
The rest need to be investiaged, I guess.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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