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Customizing the KDE panel for KDE 4 (Squeeze)

I've investigated a big about the possibilities to customize the KDE
panel in KDE 4.  Here are some notes.

The shortcut buttons that where present in KDE 3 is gone.  Instead,
there is a favorites tab when selecting the K menu in the lower left
corner.By default, the favorites list is hardcoded to konqbrowser,
kmail, systemsettings and dolphin.

I've requested this to be made configurable in
<URL:http://bugs.debian.org/570977>, and submitted a draft patch to
implement it this morning.  I hope we can get the patch into KDE in
time for Squeeze.  If not, we must probably provide a replacement
kickoffrc file either in /usr/share somewhere or in each users home
directory to override the favorite list.

I suspect we want to replace konqbrowser with iceweasel in the
favorites list, and perhaps add OOo Writer like we did for KDE 3?

For default applets, it is now easier to modify the default list.  All
desktop files in /usr/share/autostart/ are started if I am not
mistaken.  At the moment in Squeeze, it look like this on a
Workstation installation:

root@localhost:~# ls /usr/share/autostart/
kab2kabc.desktop             korgac.desktop
kabcdistlistupdater.desktop  krunner.desktop
kgpg.desktop                 nepomukserver.desktop
klipper.desktop              plasma-desktop.desktop
kmix_autostart.desktop       restore_kmix_volumes.desktop

I suspect we want to start krandrtray in addition to these when it is
installed, and perhaps some other applets too.  For laptops, the
network manager applet should be started, and probably the power
status one too.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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