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Drop xplanet from astronomy task?

I noticed the package xplanet in Debian Edu today, because it is one
of the few packages we install with a debian menu file but without a
.desktop file.  The xplanet package is installed because it is listed
in the astronomy task.

Looking at the package, and comparing it to similar packages like
celestia, I suspect xplanet is a waste of space in Debian Edu.  It
provide a static image of earth, without any interactive way to rotate
it.  There are better tools available for providing a view of earth
from space, and because of this I believe we should drop xplanet from
the astronomy task.  Anyone agree, object or have comments on this?

If we decide to keep it, we should ask the maintainer to add a desktop
file for it, to make sure it show up next to celestia and others in
the KDE menu.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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