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Bug#574008: new mailinglist: debian-edu-commits

package: lists.debian.org
severity: wishlist
x-debbugs-cc: debian-edu@lists.debian.org

Dear listmasters,

please create a new mailinglist, debian-edu-commits@l.d.o, for distributing 
vcs commits diffs of the Debian Edu project. 

Posting policy should be restricted, so that only commit mails from alioth and 
wiki diffs are allowed.

Currently Debian Edu has a historic commits lists, commits@skolelinux.no, but 
this list also includes commit mails of local interests (ie information about 
Norwegian or German translations) which in turn makes it a high traffic list 
which drives away people from subscribing. 

As the easiest approach to fix this is a fresh start, a new list on lists.d.o 
seems to be the best option. That way people can stay subscribed to 
commits@s.n if they wish to receive all information, or subscribe to the new 
list, to only get commit diffs relevant to international development.


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