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Better hardware support etc (Was: Debian Edu + Skolelinux: 2 names, 2 distros, 1 project)

[Sérgio Saraiva]
> Packages software work for all types of hardware (drivers) and that
> be the best (ex. flash) for the users.

I am unsure I understand you correctly, but I believe you mean Ubuntu
succeed in making hardware work out of the box and provide the best
user experience by installing for example Adobe Flash.  Please let me
know if I misunderstood.

We try to get hardware to work out of the box in Skolelinux too, and
to provide the best user experience, but do not always succeed.  For
example the latest change to the CDs and DVD by making sure
debian-installer find and uses the firmware packages should get more
hardware working out of the box.  I know Ubuntu got some tools to make
it easier to install non-free X.org drivers when needed, and it would
probably be a good idea for someone to look at integrating them into
Debian for Skolelinux to use.

Flash is a problem because the license from Adobe prohibit us from
distributing Adobe Flash, and thus making it impossible for us to
include it out of the box.  As a workaround, we have spent quite a lot
of time and money on improving Gnash, which is a free software
alternative for Adobe Flash.  If someone could convince Adobe to
change their license to allow us to distribute Adobe Flash or even
better, release it as free software, we would have the option of
distributing it and installing it out of the box.  Until Adobe Flash
is licensed according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines, I
believe we need a free alternative like Gnash, and will continue to
work on making it better. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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