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Re: GUI to ldap administration

On 8 March 2010 19:33, Andreas B. Mundt <andi.mundt@web.de> wrote:

> I consider the administration of the ldap tree as core component of
> our system. Here, the teacher and very limited part-time admin closely
> interacts with the system, here he decides to take the burden of being
> the person responsible for it. If I look at the lwat login screen now,
> it welcomes me with typos in the text and a copyright notice from
> 2007; all in all not very encouraging.

I have to say that I enjoy lwat more than the old webmin. Lwat is fast
and clean and gets the job done reliably, with useful guidelines in

> I think we need either to reactivate development and maintenance of
> lwat and manage to ensure this in the long term, or we need to
> find alternatives, evaluate these and decide to support a solution
> with active and reliable upstream. Without any further analysis I
> heard about gosa, CipUX, perhaps webmin can be repackaged [1] or
> phpLDAPadmin extended, ... no idea.

Last time I looked at edubuntu, they were still using webmin, so
someone not so far away must be maintaining it.
I didn't use much of webmin however, just the ldap and backup. I found
the rest frustrating and slow.

What I would like to be improved (more than lwat) is slbackup.php. I
have failed to backup to another machine on Etch and now Lenny. It
would be fantastic if I could manage to do that through slbackup.php


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