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ssh-keys for slbackup

>From sslbackup web interface on tjener, I set the server to be remote,
root, /backup, and ltspserver00. Then on ltspserver00 I created a LV
and mounted it on /backup.
When backup time comes around I get failure message because of ssh-keys.
So I generated a key pair as root on tjener, and copied the public key
onto ltspserver00. Now I can ssh from tjener to ltspserver00 without
passwrd, so the keys are working.

However, slbackup web interface still says keys not working, and I
still get the failure:

ssh-connection to server tjener failed...

Why is it saying server tjener? I set the server to be remote. Isn't
the ssh connection supposed to be to ltspserver00 now?

So maybe I didn't understand slbackup properly. Can anyone advise me?

here is /etc/slbackup/slbackup.conf:

        address tjener
        keep    185
        location /etc
        location /var/backups
        location /skole/tjener/home0
        type    local
        user    root
server_address ltspserver00.intern
server_destdir /backup
server_type    remote
server_user    root

thanks as ever


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