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Exim4 on Tjener (Sarge) [partly solved]

Dear list,

just for the archives: I might have reported a (suddenly) dysfunctional 
mail server on Tjener (Sarge): From Oct 2006, root didn't receive any 
further mails (I can't actually tell if those 112 mails weren't there 
from the very start).

I did some research on the web (because having a mail server would be 
nice, after all), and here I found some hints:


Error message was:
 == root@postoffice.intern R=root T=rootmail 
 defer (13): Permission denied: failed to chdir to /root

Solution was:
 chmod a+x /root

(exim4 is running as user Debian-exim, but just chown :Debian-exim on 
/root didn't help).

Next, I want to fix mailing to ordinary users:

pab-ges@postoffice.intern U=pab-ges P=local S=356
pab-ges@tjener:~$ delivering 1NnGP2-0000eE-Vg
  ** ?pab-ges@postoffice.intern: Unrouteable address

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