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Re: Server size


I'm from France, and with the association i'm working for, the latest server we have installed was an intel Dual core 3.16Ghz and 4 Go of Ram, this machine was both a main server and a thinclients server.

So I think your configuration is good, but don't forget to have 2 network cards (eth0 as WAN and eth1 as LAN).

2010/3/3 Giacomo Trovato <giacomo.trovato@gmail.com>
Hi All,

I'm developing a system with Debian Edu Lenny for a primary school in
Italy with 10 thin client Alix3d3.
I want to install on the same machine the main server and the thin
client server.
What server do you suggest?
Is it ok a 2.4GHz Xeon Quad-Core with 2 GB of ram?

Thank you!


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Bien cordialement/ Cheers

Jean-Charles Siegel

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