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Re: [Bug 1446] New users can't connect to x2goserver

Hello Petter,

2010/3/2 Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>:
> [Heinz-M. Graesing]
>> users which should be able to access a x2goserver will need to be
>> part of the preconfigured group "x2gousers". You can find the entry
>> which group will be needed in the file /etc/sudoers. The installer
>> of x2goserver-one only adds existing users to this group. The whole
>> configuration adds the possibility to decide who will be able to use
>> an x2goserver - so this is no bug, but a feature...
> Feel free to call it what you want, but it do not scale because it do
> not work with several of users and machines.

Than I would call it a "packaging issue", because the users are added
to the group by (our) package. As there is no debian maintainer for
x2go and there are no debian hosted packages I don't know how to go
on. When I'm looking on virtualbox, I see the same behaviour: You must
be member of the group "vboxuser" to access virtualbox (as with
x2goserver: you must be member of the group "x2gousers").
Please give me a hint, how this could be solved.

best regaards,


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