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Re: x2go in manual (Re: [Debian Wiki] Update of "DebianEdu/Documentation/Lenny/HowTo/Desktop" by JoakimRavnskjær

Hi Joakim,

2010/3/1 Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>:
> Hi Joakim,
> Read below for my reasons:
>> + == Remote desktop with x2go ==
>> +
>> + To install x2goserver add "deb http://x2go.obviously-nice.de/deb/ lenny
>> main" + to:
>> + /etc/apt/sources.list
> This software is not in Debian atm for a reason (mainly because it includes
> many code copies and thus security support is very hard or does not happen).
> This should definitly be mentioned when advocating the software.

This is an issue of the NXlibs - not of x2go. So this problem can't be
solved by switching to freeNX or any other solution using the NXlibs
(like tacix, neatx, 2x...). One of the targets of x2go is, to
implement such a server and client more the linux native way. As one
of the developers I really take this issue seriously and I always
mentioned it on every meeting. The issuse is: inside the nxagent part
of the libs, you'll find redundant code of an xorg tree, which is not
linked against a maintained version.

> AFAIK vino is a better alternative, not sure about others.

Vino is a client for vnc. x2go is a internet enabled, low bandwith
capable terminalserver with SSHFS file sharing and bidirectional
pulseaudio support (f.e. you can use voip software on the server
side). There is the possiblility to use x2go inside a pxe environment
and you can use the load balancing feature for more than one server.
Printing and filesharing is dony by cups/sshfs and not by using smb
(which is not needed). A new Feature is the virtual classroom (in the
next release) which will enable to join a teachers session even over
the internet. There will be a firefox plugin too.

> Simply installing qtnx might be easier and achieve almost the same, or?

Than you'll have to install a other NX server with the same problem as
shown aboth. Of cause you can use freeNX&QtNX if you just prefer it
(instead of x2go). But you won't solve the problem.

Please get me right - I'm not advertising x2go with this mail. I just
wan't to point out, that if you wan't to choose any NX solution,
you'll get unsupported code into Debian EDU. If you wan't to choose
VNC, you'll miss some features, which are part of the NX projects.

Maybe xrdp is a third option as it is already part of debian and can
be accessed with the main repository.

best regards,


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