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Re: timeline for 5.0.4+edu1 in mid March 2010


short story: freeze for +edu1 is in effect now \o/ Please don't commit (code 
changes) to trunk anymore, translation updates are fine.

On Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Anyway, back to 5.0.4+edu1, here is the timeline and some extra guidelines
> for enabling us to stick to it:

the following has been done:

> - Send out a call for translations of d-e-install NOW - we dont have any
> string changes planned, right?
> - commits to trunk need to be suited for lenny(-test). If that is not
> possible, either commit the patch to the Debian bts or copy the last tag
> which is in our lenny to branches/lenny/$package and then commit to trunk.
> Putting the patch in the BTS is prefered, as else trunk and branch need to
> be kept in sync.
> - NEW packages for lenny-test must be in squeeze (with whatever version).

> - To move a package to lenny, the same version must be in sid at least.

debian-edu-config, debian-edu-install and shutdown-at-night have newer 
versions in our lenny-test than in sid. Please upload newer versions to sid, 
I suggest to use non ~svn versions and also upload to lenny-test.

I'll be moving the next two days and won't be able to upload myself. On 
thursday I could probably upload but would prefer to review and move the 
packages to lenny instead ;-)

> - Freeze around march 1st, that means: we can use the international meeting
> in Zweibruecken for bug fixing and doing test installs and prepare the
> freeze, that is to make sure the packages in lenny-test are in a releasable
> state. To achieve that, each change must have an entry in debian/changelog
> and either the Debian or Debian Edu bugtracker and must be non intrusive.
> - At freeze time the packages will be moved from lenny-test to lenny, after
> that only fixes for bug of priority 1 and regressions compared to
> 5.0.4+edu0 are acceptable.

This will probably happen on the 4th or 5th of march only:

> - Release rc1 and start drafting the international press announcement on
> the 3th.

And this is the "far future":

> - Release rc2 on the 9th, if needed. try to finish the international press
> announcement until the 9th, because if no new issues are found, the release
> can be announced on the 11th.
> - To finish the international press announcement the text has to be agreed
> upon the release managers and the Debian press team, though inputs from
> everyone are very appreciated .
> - 13th: last day for building and uploading debian-edu-install and
> debian-edu-doc to include new translations. two days are needed to do and
> test the final builds.
> - Release 5.0.4+edu1 on the 16th, send out international press release by
> Debian press team.
> - Party.
> - Release of national and local press releases.
> - More party!
> - Maintainance mode after edu1 means: updates to the documentation and its
> translations (via the d-e-doc package), security fixes, mostly via Debian,
> important bugfixes if non-intrusive, mostly via Debian. make a 5.0.X+edu2
> release if needed.

As said:

> - This timeline is a guideline, which we aim to match. We release when
> everything is ready.


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