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Re: adding machines and dhcp groups

[Nigel Barker]
> Hello All
> I am preparing a new tjener, and a couple of questions have arisen:
> 1. Owing to my many failures to get ldap backup and restore to work, I
> am setting up the new tjener manually. For users its not so bad
> because I am able to add them by a csv file in lwat. However, when
> adding machines there is no such option. I suppose I am out of luck?
> 2. When adding machines  there is an option to be in dhcp group 1 or
> 2. What are those groups?

I have nothing useful to reply here, and leave it to those with more
LDAP migration experience than me.

> 3. When I create (actually copy from the sample) /etc/fsautoresizetab
> and set the max size of home0 to be something else, it doesn't do
> anything. I had to change it by lvextend to be able to copy in the old
> homes. Maybe I am misunderstanding how it works.

The fsautoresizetab file contain instructions for the
debian-edu-fsautoresize program, which when run will see if there are
file systems that are too full, and extend them according to the
instructions in fsautoresizetab if there are.

There is a cron job that run fairly often which check if a host is a
member of the fsautoresize-hosts group, and run
debian-edu-fsautoresize automatically in that case (note that this was
broken in r0 because of netgroup structure incompatibilities and will
be fixed in r1).  So editing fsautoresizetab do not make anything
happen until the file system acutally become full.

> I like those fsautoresize and shutdown at night groups! Great ideas.

Thanks.  Note that the shutdown-at-night groups do not work either in
r0 (same bug), and will be fixed in r1.  You can download the
shutdown-at-night package from lenny-test if you want to test the fix.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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