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Re: Please translate press statement


Forgive my top posting, but I hope you will appreciate my intent in keeping you focused on your success.

I love Debian.  I love Education.  I love Debian Edu, Skolelinux, and the work you do.

I'l confess that I have 2224 unread messages in my debianedu folder, but my earliest archived message is from Knut on 8/31/2004.  I actively track your project, read the bug reports, and pay more attention than you might realize.  Hundreds of people have heard me speak highly of all the amazing work Knut has done over the years.

As someone who is about to move on and put his own charitable work on hold, I empathize with how hard it is to let go.  I must emphasize how important it is to have faith in those who follow you and to let go.  As fate would have it, just last week I found myself offended by a similar PR issue in my own charity.

This is a project that has moved slowly, methodically, and is only now about to release Lenny. I have seen all the tireless and selfless work from new names, old names, and increasingly familiar names. I did not understand why the press announcement was written by Knut and then rushed out the door.  It seemed like the thunder and lightning, deserved by the team, was suddenly seized last weekend by someone less involved than he once could be.

I was happy to spend many hours editing the English document for minor corrections.  I was even happier to learn the next morning that someone found the entire document in need of re-writing and re-consideration from a different perspective.  I agreed, but I did not think that it was my place to say anything. I am glad to know that actually it was.

You are a better team for having this discussion and for welcoming contributions and criticisms from everyone.  Combing through a press release like we comb through code is a good exercise for all.  It seems a shame that we were reacting to what was already done this time instead of acting to put out a very collaborative release.

Your work is amazing, and your contributions to education are the things you will remember in your old age.  I'm looking forward to a great Squeeze Release and the next iteration of press documents.  I hope that you don't get too frustrated by this one little bump and that you know there are people as far as Hawaii who hold the contributors to Debian Edu in the Highest Regard.


On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 11:53 PM, Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> wrote:

On Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010, Knut Yrvin wrote:
> I have to emphasise that the making of the press statement went well.

It seems you life in some alternative reality.



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