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Re: Complete automate installation of an SkoleLinux network

Martin Schulte wrote:
after trying out some things and encountered several error-messages, i find a way, to install a SkoleLinux network with double boot computers (Windows / Linux) automatically. And another way to install the Debian clients also automatically but faster. But i have some further question, hopefully someone can help me. First a short overview about the install process. If there is any interest, i will write an article for the wiki.

1. This is the situation in my school, maybe someone knows a better way, as described below: We have a common network with another school, which is in the same building. We also have an large wlan-grid. All in all, there are 78 PCs and 54 notebooks (8 different hardware-architectures, but 4 of them only distinguish by the harddisk). The notebooks access the network using wlan. On the most PCs and on all Laptops linux and windowsXP are installed parallel (or will be). There are several proprietary software which runs under windows and with wine under debian. Up to now, we had novell netware 5.* running on the server, no dhcp.

First question:
Is it possible to assume the user-names from the novell server? Passwords doesn't matter.

2. Installation of the double-boot-clients
I have a second client, which run a (small) debian-system. I installed drbl and clonezilla server edition ( http://clonezilla.org/ ). Fully install one client of every hardware-architecture. Setup clonezilla that way, that it catch the image. Reboot this client using pxe and the image will be create an restore on server. (it needs ca. 2 min pro 1GB). When finished, setup clonezilla to share the image using multicast --> start the clients, you want to get this image --> be sure, these clients boot via pxe. After this, restoring image will begin (without any interaction, it will take ca. 1,5 min pro 1 GB). It is possible to run clonezilla SE on tjener, but i think it isn't a good way.

So my second question:
*Up to now, i've to change the windows-hostname manual. Is it possible to share the hostnames for the windows-clients automatically? *Till now, i poweroff tjener, because i don't know how to change the address of the pxe-boot server. I thought, there have to be an entry like this
but, Petter Reinholdtsen told me, that it is in the ldap-database. But i don't know how to change it. *Is a good IP-Address for a second server in a skolelinux-network? * I've to change the windows-hostname manually. Is there a possibility to set them automatically?

3. Installation of the debian clients
On server install SystemImager ( systemimager.org ). Create an image of the client which will transfer via TCP to the server. On server select the clients, which should be installed. When start or rebooting this clients, they get the image while booting over PXE. I set up 5 clients in my test-environment, it takes 6 minutes. I will use this procedure to install new software on the "without windows" clients or update them. But still the problem is, i have to install the new software on 4 computers and have to build an image of this 4 computers.

So my third question
*Is it possible to create something like an 'universal bootimage', which can be installed on all clients, independent of the hardware-architecture?

for linux look at FAI
for windows: no you must have one images per machine type. But you can replace a imaging system with a remote installation system like http://unattended.sourceforge.net/ (only xp without hacking) this system also let windows get the hostname from dns.
keep in mind that installation can take longer then imaging.


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