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Re: the short road from rc1 to rc2 to lenny


On Freitag, 22. Januar 2010, Holger Levsen wrote:
>   - upload of d-e on monday, February 1st (to give the buildds two days)
>   - reuploads of the rest of our core packages (d-e-i, d-e-c, d-e-d) on
> tuesday, February 2nd, with versions without ~svn in them

This hasn't happened...

> - build final images on wednesday, February 3rd and copy them away.

...so this won't work ;-)

But, rejoice, I now plan to upload those packages tomorrow and then copy the 
images away as soon as they are available and offer them to people willing to 
do final tests... 

So this still holds:

> - use thursday-sunday to do final testing and work on PR, polish the
> website. 
> - announce Debian Edu lenny on monday, February 8th. 
> - party!!!
> After that, we should immediatly^wrelax a bit and start with squeeze-test,
> while still working on a point-release in march.

/me suggests something like a full freeze for r1 (aka 5.0.4edu1) starting on 
march 1st, btw, then rc1(-r1) at march 1st, rc2(-r1) a week later, relase of 
r1 on march 14. which means we have a month now to fix stuff in r0 (aka 
5.0.4edu0) :)

> Can you help make this reality?


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