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Re: Thin client memory requirements?

 Mandag 1. februar 2010 23.09.57 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen :
> I tested using 128, 96, 64 and 50 MB of RAM (kvm would not allow me
>  to go lower).  The thin client worked with all these memory
>  settings. Anyone able to test with less memory?

Well, just getting the thin client to boot and display ldm isn't 
everything, it needs to function as well :-)

When I work on a thin client with less than 128MB of ram, I can't 
properly use Iceweasel together with the Learning management system 
Fronter, several of the functions there uses java, and for that 128MB is 
not enough, must use either swap or more memory.

I guess other situations also mandates more memory than what is strictly 
needed just to get the thin client to boot and display ldm, have that in 
mind when talking about minimum memory requirements, if that is your 
goal with these tests.

Nothing is more sad than proudly displaying a room full of thin clients, 
that later turned out not to work in real-life(TM).

I prefer no less than 128-256MB plus swap, you might get away even in 
real-life with less, if you do not install java, flash/gnash, mplayer-
plugin, silverlight, and such, but then the thin clients "do not work" 
in the eyes of our users.

It's an armsrace, I know.

Klaus Ade
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