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Debian Edu lenny rc2 prerelease


I'm very happy to announce the second release candidate (rc2) of the Lenny 
based Skolelinux version!

Please test these images as much as you can and report back feedback. Except 
for documentation and translation updates, this is intended to become the 
Lenny release! So please give this it go!

Here are the most remarkable changes since the last test release (rc1): 
- Updated manual and updated translations to German, Italian and Norwegian. 
- Updated translations of the installer for German, Swedish, Russian, Spanish,
  Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Norwegian, French, Japanese and Czech. 
- Optimisations for running cfengine, resulting in a faster install.
- usplash is disabled on specific hardware where it is known to break. 
- Some improvements to sitesummary.
- Source DVD available. 

The following features are not working as they should: 
- none known 

The updated images can be downloaded via FTP, HTTP and rsync. The CD image 
size is about 606 MiB and the binary DVD about 4.4 GiB, the source DVD is a 
bit bigger.

To download this rc2 multiarch netinstall prerelease you can use 

rsync -avzP 

To download this rc2 multiarch dvd prerelease you can use 

rsync -avzP 

To download this rc2 source dvd prerelease you can use 

rsync -avzP 

The MD5SUM of these images are 

e1b77aba814833e84de6c44e66ba972e  debian-edu-lenny-dvd-rc2.iso
7a2627629020d17149f5b2ef99503115  debian-edu-lenny-netinstall-rc2.iso
b45fcf02225046c0f9bb5cc380fcd309  debian-edu-lenny-source-dvd-rc2.iso

The SHA1SUM of these images are 

cdc240f0d0b712fcc1ba65ec468901460fe7e4e1  debian-edu-lenny-dvd-rc2.iso
776c2e2c8758470cdf0167ea1b5629c077496f05  debian-edu-lenny-netinstall-rc2.iso
0ea98b747eb750240dc368f14d5e869b6475676a  debian-edu-lenny-source-dvd-rc2.iso

How to report bugs:

cheers & happy testing,

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