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International Developer Meeting 19. - 21.2.2010

dear Skoletuxe

as a reminder:

invitation to Germany

as anounced in Oslo, our next international Meeting will take
Place from 19.2.2010 to 21.2.2010 in Zweibrücken Germany

Please put your name in the following wikipage, if you like to


Hope to see you all there.

We get some money to reimburse travel costs.
Please put the estimated sum behind your name.

We will then answer soon, if we are able to finance it.

Zweibrücken has an Airport, there is also a train station 
near by (train from Frankfurt to Paris).

Regards/AmicaLinuxement/Saludos/Viele Gruesse!
Kurt Gramlich
Projektleitung skolelinux.de
GnuPG Key ID 0xE263FCD4

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