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Re: How can we change the default iceweasel startup / home page?

On Friday 22 January 2010 18:08 Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Philipp Hübner]
> > Do you mean how to technically change it in iceweasel?
> I mean how to technically change the defaults for all users, existing
> as well as new users (aka /etc/skel/ is not an option), yes.  Where
> can we put the setting for it to take effect for all users in a way
> that keep it working when iceweasel is upgraded and allow us to
> enable it only for some profiles.

Maybe, startup.homepage_welcome_url and / or 
startup.homepage_override_url are a kind of preconfiguration we can 
override with cfengine in prefs.js (user.js) as described at: 

> > Or how to change it for only those 2 types of installations?
> I believe we should provide a script to change the default, and call
> it from cfengine during installation based on the profile selected.
> This will allow schools to change it after installation if they want
> to.  Preferably, we should get the URL from the DHCP configuration or
> LDAP, to make it easy to change it centrally.
Perhaps is the DHCP Option 'option www-server;' usable for 
A dhcp client will fetch it, if you add it in the servers and the 
clients config so that it will show up in the leases file. From there 
it is possible to fetch it for configuration purposes with a startup 
I hope someone here on the list knows better how to use that option, ... 
so just my 2 cent ;-)

Greetings, Jürgen Leibner

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