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custom home-directory

i add an debian-lenny-workstation to an lenny tjener successfully. But after login with an ldap-user, i get the default debian-edu preferences (like the desktop layout, etc.), because of the config-files in the users home-directory on tjener. I think this config files a generated automatically when adding the user with lwat. Is it possible to make an own default home-directory, which will allocate to every new user, while adding this user with lwat?
Which conf-files of the default debian-edu home-directory are necessary?

Another question:
Looking around in the /etc-folder on an Debian-edu Lenny, I can't find the file 'libnss-ldap.conf'. I had a look to some other files, to find out, if it is merge to another *.conf-file. But i can't find this file. Is it not longer necessary?

Thanks, Martin

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