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Re: Content and translation status for the debian-edu-lenny manual


just a short "congratulations" to the German translators to finally have 
overtook the Norwgian translators of the manual:

On Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010, Holger Levsen wrote:
> debian-edu-lenny-manual.de.po: 600 translated messages, 293 fuzzy
> translations, 199 untranslated messages. 

> debian-edu-lenny-manual.it.po: 1039 translated messages, 37 fuzzy 
> translations, 16 untranslated messages. 

> debian-edu-lenny-manual.nb.po: 609 translated messages, 282 fuzzy
> translations, 201 untranslated messages.

And of course cheers to Claudio, the single Italian translator, as well!


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