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Re: Skolelinux und Ubuntu

Thanks, but it also doesn't work. Has somebody tried to bind Ubuntu 9.10 to an Debian-edu *Lenny* Main-Server?


RalfGesellensetter schrieb:
Am Montag, 4. Januar 2010 schrieb Martin Schulte:
I'm trying to add an Ubuntu-PC to an skolelinux (etch) network using this HowTo: http://wiki.skolelinux.de/Skolelinux/Ubuntu .

Hi Martin,

maybe this instruction for (plain) Debian Lenny could give you further hints:


I succeeded following these instructions with
- a custom Lenny installation from a magazine
- a Debian based Sidux installation.

Also have a look at Seminarix, a Sidux based distro that was developed for NRW Studienseminare. It has many educational software and includes a catalogue sorted by subjects: http://www.seminarix.org


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