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Re: Problems adding users an machines

Thanks, Oded Naveh helped me some days before. But there is another question in this context. In the dhcp.conf is written
   # 50 workstations are defined as static00 to static49 on
   # Provide a static address using dhcp by adding their MAC addresses here
But I've (at least I want) to add 82 workstations with a fix IP-Address. How is this possible? How can I spread the IP-range?
Thanks, Martin

RalfGesellensetter schrieb:
Am Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009 schrieb Martin Schulte:
Hostname: static00
MAC: 00:90:F5:5E:77:46

Hello & happy new year!

Not sure if here is a problem (possibly IP ranges changed):
Formerly, static00 was linked to


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